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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do you offer party makeup and/or hair services for large groups?
    Yes! My team and I offer party makeup and hair services for groups of any size. Please submit a form with the required information to receive a personalized quote for your event!
  • Do you offer airbrush makeup?
    Yes. While I prefer non-airbrush application, given the ease and flexibility to customize the makeup look, I do off airbrish makeup as an option to brides only.
  • Can I bring some of my own makeup products for you to use during my appointment?
    Absolutely. Here's the thing - I'm here to make you feel beautiful, so if you prefer that I use a few of your products, I am happy to do so. Also, if you have a certain allergy or sensitivity to a specific ingredient, you will be asked to list in in the contract before booking, but you are welcome to bring your own products to avoid any adverse reactions. Remember - I am here for YOU!
  • When should I wash my hair before my hair appointment?
    Next day hair is ideal, so washing your hair 1 day before your appointment is perfect as it creates more texture making it easier to work with and style. Don't worry about your hair looking 'oily' or bad, I take care of all of that. If you prefer to wash your hair the day of your appointment, no problem either!
  • Are hair extensions included in a bridal or party hair service?
    No. Actual hair extensions are not provided or included in hair services. However, you are welcome to bring your own extensions (clip-in only) with you to your appointment for your stylist to use for an additional charge.
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